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Our Technology - OpenStack

Several organisations worldwide are shifting their focus from providing elementary IT support to something more evolved, more customer centric. Many growing companies are channelising their investments towards creating a more connected customer base. When some of these European companies were surveyed recently by Salesforce, it was found that were certain parameters that stood out in their IT strategy to achieve overall customer delight. Innovation , Speed of IT delivery, Creating a Digital Workspace using IT and most importantly Security- these were the heroes. Better and more efficient customer experiences can only be created when the foundation for IT infrastructure is rocksolid and this happens when a digitally secure environment protects your IT framework. And, cloud technology easily facilitates this across the world by safeguarding your sensitive data in the virtual space

What is OpenStack

Vault’s clouds are design using an open standards software called OpenStack, one of the world’s fastest growing open source communities. OpenStack is basically a cloud operating system that is able to control large amounts of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. All of these are managed through a dashboard that provides the administrators with necessary controls while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.

Why choose OpenStack

OpenStack works well with popular Enterprise and open source technologies making it ideal for heterogeneous infrastructure, just like Vault. In fact, the four big Australian banks – Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Banking Corporation Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, and National Australia Bank, all use OpenStack technology. In-built security, complete scalability, open standards and an interoperable platform are some of OpenStack’s unique features which work seamlessly well with Vault’s cloud technology. In addition to this, the Department of Human Services is building a private cloud based on Openstack.
OpenStack can automate Web Fronted projects, Application Lifecycle projects, Networking and Compute projects, Shared Services, Workload Provisioning projects and many more. Some of the popular OpenStack Configurations include Web Applications, Big Data, Web Hosting, Public Cloud, eCommerce, Computer Starter Kit etc.

Cloud Security with OpenStack

OpenStack addresses cloud security at all levels. OpenStack security leaders focus on specific capabilities and necessary best practices addressing specific areas of security, compliance and privacy for public and private organisations. Infact, OpenStack security is a collaborative effort across thousands of developers who work together to provide a robust, reliable, and secure cloud for public, private, and hybrid deployments. As its is based on a Open Source platform, there is a lot of focus on open code which means faster bug and anomaly identification and timely remedial actions. It also provides for a dedicated team which support with necessary analysis and tools to ensure secure code and user notifications in case of a possible threat.

Success Stories

The OpenStack project is an acclaimed global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists, who successfully produce the open standard cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds. Some of the biggest industry giants worldwide including automotive, banking, healthcare, e-commerce etc., run their critical workloads successfully on OpenStack. For example, GE Healthcare’s GE Infrastructure Exchange (GEIX) is a remotely managed OpenStack private cloud, using which GE was able to move 530+ legacy apps to the cloud in just 2 years. The result? A massive $30 million of annual cost savings. Another great example is Nike which relies on OpenStack for its $8 billion business, thus comfortably retaining the No.1 spot in the online sports segment for the past 6 months. The UK Government, recognised by the UN as one of the most digitally advanced worldwide, also uses OpenStack to help various UK companies to easily obtain import and export licenses. Similarly France’s Interior Ministry effectively uses OpenStack to streamline asylum applications and driver’s license applications.