What We Do

Unleashing Innovation

Today, Government and Enterprise need to be agile to quickly adapt to changing market conditions – something which can be incredibly difficult when you are caught amidst the complexities of hardware and long-term budgeting. Cloud-based computing provides flexibility that can grow with your data needs, while securely making your data accessible for end users.

Our services leverage the strengths of your existing team. We free your innovators to create business solutions that work, while coders can focus on their core competency. Network engineers have the freedom to deploy environments that are trusted, secure and lightning-fast. We provide you with an infrastructure built on the cloud that is future-proof and can grow with the data requirements of your organisation.

Ensuring Flexibility Through Open Standards

By using OpenStack as our core technology, we provide organisations with the flexibility to grown and iterate on a cloud platform without being locked into a specific vendor. OpenStack is one of the world’s fastest growing open source communities and the largest and most widely adopted open source cloud platform. Work undertaken on the Openstack platform can be leveraged across most clouds. OpenStack is built on open standards and works well with popular Enterprise and open source technologies making it ideal for heterogeneous infrastructure, just like Vault. In-built security, complete scalability, open standards and an interoperable platform are some of OpenStack’s unique features which work seamlessly with Vault’s cloud.

Keeping Data in Australia

We are an Australian company and everything we do is focused towards securing the nation’s data and privacy. Using Vault’s cloud platform means that data sovereignty is not compromised. The data we hold is stored within Australian borders, and managed by Australians with appropriate security clearances. We operate entirely within the legal jurisdiction of Australia and data we hold is not subject to the laws of a foreign country.

Delivering Security at Scale

Our infrastructure includes highly secure data centres that are manned 24/7, to provide consistent, fast and scalable performance. So, you can focus on your core business and scale from development to production rapidly without worrying about security, performance, reliability or capacity.

Investing in Technology

We are the only Australian Hyperscale cloud built exclusively for security. We have engineered high performance systems designed to scale up and scale out to deliver order of magnitude performance on legacy IT systems.

Increasing Performance

Vault’s cloud was built to cater for intensive legacy workloads, but many intensive legacy workloads were not build for cloud. Scale out is the best option when it is an option but we recognised early on that many large systems need to scale up in order for legacy workloads to be easily migrated. This is why over 94% of Vault’s infrastructure is common to the latest supercomputer.

Providing a Secure Home for the World’s Best Technology

Technology vendors deploying on premise to an unknown environment increases delivery risk and slows time to value. Many workloads are not suitable for public clouds and cause sales attrition. Our secure community cloud brings an enhanced layer of security and assurance to rapidly changing comercial technology. Through automation, software can be deployed to a consistent dedicated on premise like environment in minutes, bringing all the cost saving and efficiencies of Software-as-a-Service but without the compromise in security.

Nurturing Talent

Recognising the need to upskill technology professionals for today’s digital and cloud driven computing environment, the Vault Academy was opened in May 2018. This state of the art training centre was purpose built to meet the increasing demands for training in the management and use of secure cloud. Aimed at end-users such as software developers, infrastructure engineers, cloud architects, and technical project leaders, our intensive instructor-led courses provide participants with the skills to understand cloud computing technology as well as the operational skills required to maintain secure cloud platforms.

Delivering Local Support

Our support is based in Australia - just like our customers. We have an Australian based service desk and Security Operations Centre function, with 24/7 support for high-priority incidents, including access to. Vault's technical subject matter experts.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

We are trusted hold some of Australia’s most sensitive data and mission critical systems. We have a proven track record in working with major Government agencies and Enterprise organisations to move to the cloud as part of their digital transformation journey.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Values