Awards & Certifications


We are incredibly proud of our ASD certification, even more so because we are one of the only three Australian owned organisations globally that has attained this rigorous protected level certification. Our rapid and scalable technology solution in addition to our ICON connectivity creates a highly compelling offering, in comparison to our competitors.

The ASD Certification includes the Protected Security Policy Framework (PSPF), initially issued by the Australian Government in 2014 to address the concerns of CIOs around the security of cloud services.

Vault won this prestigious honour in three categories:

  • Winner - ACT iAwards 2017 - Infrastructure & Platforms Innovation of the Year

    Vault won this award for our integrated Government Community Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Provider, that has incorporated and automated the delivery of the Australian Federal Government ISM and PSPF Controls to provide one of the world’s most secure clouds. The salient features of our platform including the scalability, openness & integrability and the creativity were recognised. Also, the manner in which Vault has leveraged The OpenStack platform indigeiously to reengineer the “DNA” of the cloud to natively embed Government security requirements, was highly appreciated.

  • Winner - ACT iAwards 2017 - Public Sector & Government Markets

    The credit of winning an award in this category completely goes to Vault’s cloud platform which allows Government agencies to rapidly provision elastic resources (in some cases automatically), which quickly scale out to handle peak demand and scale in when demand reduces. The perfect example of where Vault has delivered operational efficiencies, is through its engagement with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). The DTA moved from an AWS cloud and were using Cloud Foundry BOSH, an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services. Vault was able to move BOSH to Vault’s platform and leverage the work already done on the AWS platform.The DTA had a delivery schedule of six months and Vault was able to deliver all of this in just three hours! This significant saving in time and resources is what made us bag this prestigious honor.

  • Winner - ACT iAwards 2018 - Big Data Innovation of the Year

    Vault won this award for our Certified Government Cloud, which is the underlying cloud platform for the Secure Health Data Research and Analytics Platform. Vault has achieved Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) certification for UNCLASSIFIED DLM and PROTECTED and is only one of the four companies globally who have met these rigorous standards.We are the only cloud built from the ground up to meet Government security standards with the security controls from the Information Security Manual and Protective Security Policy Framework natively embedded into our platform. Also, the superior levels of data sovereignty we assure through the use of Australian data centres with a dedicated certified ASD cryptographic link between the two data centres, was highly appreciated.