High Performance

High Performance

Your time is important so applications should be responsive and data or analysis should be there when you need it. On public clouds or with in-house solutions you can be stuck with slow spinning disk storage, oversubscribed hardware and poor network connectivity options.

Vault Cloud was built with the highest performance in mind:

  • Built with custom hyperscale hardware from Intel with the lastest Xeon CPUs
  • Fast NVMe solid state disks built specifically for superior parallel performance
  • 100 Gigabit networking fabric to each node
  • High speed fibre to the Internet and government (ICON) with layer 2 options
  • Low latency sovereign data centre locations (Canberra and Sydney)
  • GPU acceleration available via NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs for machine learning and AI workloads

Combining this high performance hardware in multiple data centres with OpenStack allows us to achieve true Hyperscale, enabling you to scale your compute, memory and storage dynamically and with an additional independent API driven storage solution.

Our high performance hardware has resulted in gains for clients that have moved their data centres into Vault Cloud. Airservices’ “lift and shift” into Vault Cloud had a core for core performance increase of 50% across existing workloads, a migration which came in at a savings against building in-house.

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