Our Government Community Cloud

Securing a strong Technology Community

Improving Government Service Delivery through Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

The Challenges

Government organisations today are facing a host of challenges due to a surge in threat to sensitive systems and data security. This along with diminishing budgets, makes it increasingly difficult to respond to customer expectations on time. Further, as existing traditional IT infrastructure is limiting, with inefficiencies of performance, costs, scalability and flexibility, Government agencies cannot easily expose their business applications to contestability. With these constraints, scarce internal resources are often locked down that could be better focussed on more productive program or service delivery activities.
Due to these challenges, the Government’s cloud computing policy requires agencies toadopt cloud for adequate protection of data and to deliver value for money. Cloud computing is helping Government gain the flexibility that is often missing in their legacy platforms and infrastructure. The benefits manifest themselves in a variety of ways:

Benefits of Vault Government

Vault provides a safe, secure and stable cloud, which helps Government agencies realise these benefits easily. Vault is one of only three Australian owned providers, that can provide ‘protected cloud’ and can guarantee data sovereignty as it is subject to Australian legal jurisdiction. Our differentiation lies in the strong technical capabilities of our product, cloud performance, customer service, security certifications, our distinguished board of directors and our talented team. Also the fact that we are the only cloud built ground up by Australians for the Australian Government with native security controls.  

Unlike proprietary cloud platforms, where the application of Australian Government security standards is managed as an afterthought, Vault’s Government Community Cloud platform was purpose-built with the sole intention of managing sensitive Australian data at the highest levels of security, sovereignty and agility in mind. Our cloud platform natively embeds security controls to meet the requirements of Government, while providing extensive scalability and flexibility, whilst remaining cost effective.  Our true hybrid cloud with dedicated ICON fibre stretch L2 link, is a secured technology and driven by Australians.  

The Secure Government Cloud developed by Vault, can deliver significant savings against owned infrastructure and complies with the highest levels of security.

Types of Cloud-Vault Government

Vault provides a safe, secure and

  • Unclassified DLM Cloud
  • Protected Cloud

Vault is certified by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to hold Unclassified Dissemination Limiting Marker (DLM) and Protected level Government data in these respective clouds. This certification is demonstrated by our inclusion on the Certified Cloud Services List controlled by ASD. Vault operates Unclassified DLM cloud and Protected cloud from the Canberra and Sydney data centres giving customers geographical deployment options. Our Protected Level Certification means that the level of data protection in our Protected cloud is likely to be at a higher standard compared with an Agency’s current arrangement.

Both our clouds offer the same highly flexible architecture that is easy to deploy and operate. As our cloud has been designed and built specifically for the Australian Government, using our two Australian Government approved data centres, your data stays secure with us, well within the boundaries of the nation and is subject to Australian jurisdiction only.

Data protection is inherent in our platform. Customers can rest assured knowing that multiple copies of their data (2 x block level, 3 x object storage) is stored without the need for user intervention. This feature cannot be removed or “turned off” so there is no risk of your data protection expectations not being met.

Customers can also achieve geographical data protection by leveraging multiple cloud regions in their application design. For data backup or archiving requirements, customers can work with our partners to leverage market leading technologies that operate homogeneously with Vault’s cloud.