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Security, Compliance and Trust to host your Mission Critical Applications.

Choosing a cloud provider to host your critical services requires careful consideration. We at Vault in partnership with leading global technologists, assure you that your application’s data, support and maintenance, always remain sovereign.
Vault along with a large partner community, offers tailored cloud computing solutions to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Our self-service portal, comprehensive training and customer service resources are all within the sovereign borders of Australia, providing you with the information and support that you need at any hour of the day or night. When you choose Vault to deliver these services for your organisation, you are able to make a smooth transition from a traditional, legacy approach to a true cloud native approach. This has proven to be a huge success in the past, as testified by our clients who have achieved positive results. Infact, Vault ticks all the cloud “boxes” for the Government – ie Performance, Security & Connectivity.

Key Benefits of Moving to Vault’s Cloud

Faster disaster recovery

Greater flexibility and control to meet business outcomes

Instant security and compliance

Significant cost and time savings

Automatic updates provide for a more secure environment

To understand how Vault’s cloud can create a positive impact for your business operations, contact our professionals today at (02) 6190 0000 for a free initial consultation or contact us online by filling out our quick form.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using OpenStack

Vault’s cloud platform is based on OpenStack, the largest and most widely adopted open source cloud platform. OpenStack is backed by a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists, who have developed this open standard cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds. It is a highly flexible virtual data centre management platform built for new age digital organisations to leverage the benefits of the software-defined data centre and infrastructure-as-code. This platform is one the highest used and a popular choice among the 87,000 community members, including some of most successful organisations such as Redhat, Suse, Intel and Rackspace who use OpenStack.

While security is always a key consideration for organisations moving to the cloud, Government cloud requirements are even more stringent. After all, we live in a world where trust in Government is easily lost and hard to gain.

The reason for this rigour is that Government entities are managing public data – much of which could be considered PII (Personally Identifiable Information), which is protected by various laws throughout the world. This additional requirement for structure can make it even more difficult for Government to adopt cloud-based solutions. Therefore, to ensure that the Australian Government truly benefits from using the cloud, a thorough certification process was created. Also, Government agencies and partners have the additional responsibility of being mindful of what data is moved to the cloud. They also need to ensure that it is protected at the right levels, while catering to the nation’s cyber security requirements.

This is where Vault plays a pivotal role. We are proud to be one of the few organisations whose cloud-based services are approved to store ‘Protected Data’. Vault assures you that the data stored with us is sovereign and under the Australian jurisdiction and that no other country has access to it.