Private Cloud

Your cloud, our hardware and facilities - Available Soon

Private Cloud

Achieving the network security, physical security, network and power redundancy and hardware performance built into our systems and facilities is a difficult task involving significant capital expenditure. Vault’s Private Cloud allows you to have your own dedicated cloud on our hardware and in our secure facilities.

Using one of our existing OpenStack offerings – Government Cloud or the  Critical Infrastructure Cloud – and still able to access OpenStack facilities like scaleable storage you obtain high speed hardware onto which you can install your own cloud management software like VMware or Azure Stack.


Highly secure Canberra and Sydney data centres

Obtain high performance Intel hardware with the latest Intel enterprise CPUs paired with next generation solid state storage without capital expenditure

High performance networking with Internet and ICON connectivity options

Redundant power and connectivity at a level beyond on premise solutions

Our Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) can be used for complete network monitoring and management

Configuration appropriate for agency or IRAP assessment to SECRET

Sovereignty means your workloads are not subject to foreign regulation, law or security interference

Retain all your investments in your existing technology like VMware


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