Security Services

Providing the Secure Foundation that helps you deliver Customer Outcomes.

Security is a major concern for organisations of all sizes. In today’s technically consumed environment, malicious individuals can cost your organisation millions of dollars in direct costs, and an untold amount of indirect costs such as lost brand identity, customers and partnerships. We understand this, which is why we built Vault to be one of the most secure cloud computing networks in the world – based right here in Australia.

Threat Landscape

There are dangers lurking around every cyber-corner, with hackers and malicious software, constantly looking for ways to leverage sensitive information for their own nefarious means. There are any number of breakpoints in a traditional computing system such as endpoints without sufficient security, data transfers that are not fully protected and more. Our security engineers have fully analysed each opportunity for data loss or infiltration with an eye towards building a highly secure environment.

Trusted and Secure Services

As one of only three Australian owned organisations who have achieved the coveted ASD Information Security Manual 2015 compliance, we offer significant gains in terms of maintaining compliance with data sharing. Our data centres are certified to several international standards, including: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO50001. We also offer penetration testing to ensure that your organisation is protected on all fronts.