Tinashe Taneka

Chief Human Resources Officer

Tinashe has over ten years’ experience in driving national recruitment projects and initiatives, demonstrating her strong understanding in discovering top talent, building a strong employment brand and ensuring great relationships with candidates and hiring managers.

She is adept in the application of recruitment and talent acquisition principles, practices and processes. Prior to joining Vault, Tinashe was a Recruitment Manager for Esri Australia, the nation’s leading Geographic Information System technology provider and the exclusive local distributor of Esri’s world-leading ArcGIS platform. She was responsible for the end to end ownership of recruitment activity based on the workforce plan and staff turnover requirements.

Tinashe has demonstrated that she is a dedicated human resource professional, always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of recruitment processes. In her position, she achieved a yearly end to end recruitment of more than 55 professional services employees across Australia, with candidates recruited within the required time to fill periods.

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