Cloud Developer

Job Description

We are seeking an energetic cloud developer passionate about open source cloud technology.


Role Highlights

  • Implement and test new features and upgrades for our OpenStack cloud offering
  • Use your devops skills to move code from dev to staging to production
  • Work in a 90% open source environment


About Vault Cloud

Vault is one of the first cloud service providers globally to be certified by ASD at a ‘protected’ level. Vault is rapidly growing and is dedicated to providing sovereign, agile and hyper-scale cloud services to the Government and its partners.


The Role

Play an integral role in building Vault System’s next-generation cloud architecture and optimise OpenStack to run on the latest hardware and take on the major players in the market. No proprietary solutions – we run almost exclusively on open source software.


Job Tasks and Responsibilities

The duties and tasks are varied and complex needing independent judgement. Below you will find a list of the key duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop new features for the Vault Cloud, extending and maintaining OpenStack for stability and performance.
  • Research and implement technical approaches that address key business requirements.
  • Make transition plans for the smooth deployment into production
  • Improve operational reliability, security, scalability and performance.
  • Develop efficient and effective automated deployment and feature tests.
  • Drive design, development, and implementation of our software and services by employing and improving the best of open source applications.
  • Ensure exceptional quality and performance of components developed.
  • Connect business requirements with technical solutions.
  • Escalate issues to management as appropriate.


Skills and Experience

Below is a list of the experience, skills and qualifications that will be required for you to be successful in this role.

  • Detailed knowledge of Linux and KVM/QEMU (administration, networking, troubleshooting). Ubuntu/Debian experience is a plus.
  • Experience in scripting and software development (Python, Bash).
  • Knowledge about the inner workings of the Ceph and Swift storage platforms
  • Ability to build virtual environments (e.g. using Vagrant) via CI and use them to automate tests for code changes and deployments. We test OpenStack on OpenStack.
  • Deep understanding of IP networking and protocols and how to leverage them in OpenStack Neutron.
  • Experience in the use of open source tools and systems; comfortable with open source community and collaborative merit-based work where all ideas are heard and the best ones are implemented.
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science (or related degree and experience).
Desirable skills:
  • In-depth OpenStack experience that goes beyond deployment and operation, e.g. code contributions, custom solutions
  • Automation with Ansible
  • Docker containerization and deployment
  • Windows (Powershell, puppet, cloud based tools)
  • System monitoring using Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Prometheus, Cacti, Grafana, Nagios, Ceilometer, Ganglia
  • MySQL administration, including performance tuning and clustering
  • Fortinet FortiOS, CoreOS, Cumulus Linux
  • OpenStack Heat templating


Other skills include:

  • Ability to learn quickly and think ahead.
  • Tackle problems with persistence and endurance until the correct solution is found.
  • Ability to drill down on a problem yourself and solve bigger issues in a team
  • Data Centre work experience (DC work is only occasionally required)
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Ability to think strategically and execute quality output.
  • Strong time-management skills.
  • Hard working and passionate about career and making a difference.
  • Willingness to contribute back to the Open Source community


If you have these characteristics and are interested in working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, we’d love to hear from you. Like everything, we do we are looking to move quickly so don’t delay.

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