Why Vault

Secure, Safe and Stable Cloud Infrastructure for your Organisation

In a world where potential threat to data security and systems is on a rise, Vault strengthens your security capabilities to reduce overall organisational risks with lower costs. All of this, while responding effectively to customer service delivery expectations. Here are few reasons why our customers love to work with us!

Our Technology

From the latest hardware to top-notch software solutions, Vault is your full-service secure cloud computing partner. Our secure clouds are built on OpenStack, an open standards software which is one of the world’s fastest growing open source communities and the most widely adopted open source cloud platform. Leading Australian banks and Government organisations use OpenStack for their cloud computing requirements.

We work with trusted brands such as Fujitsu, Leidos, ASG, Unisys, Accenture, Agile Digital amongst others, and our technology partners Fortinet, Mellanox, Cumulus, Intel and Openstack, combined with world class network providers Vocus, you are one step closer to making Vault’s secure cloud a part of your network. After all, gaining a competitive advantage is imperative in today’s competitive environment, and high-impact cloud solutions allow you to provide your customers with the exceptional levels of service that drive long-term relationships.

Flexible Storage Solutions - Adapting to all your Cloud Needs

From extreme performance NVMe SSD that is highly scalable on demand, to Swift object storage that allows you to quickly retrieve and store data with simple API calls, leaders at Vault have assembled a unique suite of services to support all your secure cloud storage needs.

From servers with multiple attached disks to large object storage deployments shared by many servers and systems, see how every layer of our technology works together to provide your organisation with fully-optimised and flexible solutions to support your secure cloud storage needs.

Contact our technology professionals today at (02) 6190 0000 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.

Next-Gen Firewalls- Fortifying your Data

While standard firewalls offer limited protection, next-gen security tools actively block modern exploits that are often focused on weaknesses found within applications, as well as network vulnerabilities. These relatively new tools provide network administrators at Vault with functionalities such as intrusion protection software, anti-virus scanning, web filtering and universal threat management. Fortinet provides these next-generation firewalls to help protect your organisation from evolving threats.

Static and Dynamic Data - Protecting Data in Transit and at Rest

Is your data safer when it’s moving through the cloud or when it is at rest and simply being stored?
The answer isn’t as simple as it seems. Data in transit, or data in motion, requires protection through each waypoint as it travels from one location to another via a private network or over the internet. Cybersecurity experts consider that data in motion is more vulnerable to attack, based on the dangers inherent in crossing multiple networks.

Data at rest requires different types of security, as hackers may find it easier to attack data that is not actively being monitored and protected as it moves throughout the ether. Ultimately, your cloud services provider needs to support encryption and active monitoring in order to adequately protect your valuable personal and business data. At Vault, we are laser focused on the entire spectrum of your data, even connecting your endpoint hardware to our Operations Centre via dedicated Dark Fiber.