Data Centres

The nucleus of our expert Cloud Data Security Services

Vault operates its secure cloud out of world class data centres specifically designed for accommodating sensitive data and workloads with strict operating controls. Our two data centres in Sydney and Canberra are centrally located to provide easy access to your critical data and infrastructure, regardless of your physical location. Through these data centres, we provide a holistic cloud-computing environment that addresses requirements for :

Block storage

Object Storage


Virtual networking

Auto-scaling resources


These features ensure that your users enjoy lightning-fast response times with our fully-redundant optical fibre connectivity and exceptional data centre environmentals.


Your data security is our primary responsibility, and we take it seriously. Our main objective is to provide an ultra-secure environment for our customers. Security forms the foundation of our new developments and is critical for the continual improvement of our existing data centres through advances in technology and operational enhancements.

Our data centres function on security posture and protocols, which are critical to the successful operations of our client deployments. Our data centres are certified to Government security standards in addition to 24/7 on-site security guards. Our data centres adhere to the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) guide to data centre security. Perimeter alarms, sophisticated entry systems, CCTV and video intercoms, highly trained security personnel- every possible aspect of security is covered to deliver uncompromised, robust and a complete security solution across our portfolio.


Technology is the cornerstone of our success and a key contributor to deliver world-class data security services to our clients. Vault’s data centres are designed to be highly effective, secure and reliable for our customers. Our data centres deploy state of the art technology to ensure continuous power delivery, cooling and security with our data centres built to TIA-942 standards.

Also, the technology used across our data centres, ensures that they are capable of supporting numerous optical fibre lead in cables facilitating present and future growth. Multiple MMRs are able to support carrier lead in cables, submarine cable exchanges, structured cabling demarcation points and mobile phone equipment areas. Infact, this resilient connectivity is crucial to our customers’ business continuity and creates a technically sound operating environment for them.


Our primary approach to data centre operational excellence is that it should stand the true test of time. This is made possible as our data centres are designed to be environmentally viable while meeting the ‘Go Green’ goal. We clearly stand out here as our data centres provide a high level of sustainability, when compared to traditional infrastructure models. This is because when you use our data centres, we ensure that you are only utilising that much of computing power that you actually need at any particular time.So you do not end up overspending on hardware that is not being used.

In addition to this, our state-of-the-art data centres are extremely well-balanced and offer reduced cooling requirements. We work towards reducing the global carbon footprint and water consumption by adopting modern standards including AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems. Further, our systems are designed to ensure robust resilience with ‘no-break’ IT power and feature equipment protected by Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (both static and diesel). We constantly invest in our power infrastructure and are proud of a policy of pass-through electricity costs based on consumption only.


Through our data centres, we provide a comprehensive suite of services including design, implementation, migration, operations and remote ‘hands on’ management. Along with providing our own internal tools to manage data centres, we also provide various data centre services such as pre-deployment design optimisation, deployment and implementation, migration, security and client operations management. Our data centres operate on a Tier III+ standard and we constantly are investing to deliver resilient and energy efficient services and solutions.