Government agencies and private sector organisations are adopting cloud to make savings and obtain more flexibility for innovation. In the process many are often using non-hyperscale clouds that end up limiting their capacity to innovate.

Clouds that aren’t hyperscale face many of the same problems as an in-house data centres:

    • Can’t scale appropriately as demand increases
    • Capital expenditure (CapEx) and flagfall charges for new hardware
    • Provisioning and setup delays
    • One size fits all systems without the ability to emphasize compute, memory or storage per node causes wasteful linear scaling in all directions
    • Degradation of hardware performance over its lifecycle as it is not continually refreshed
    • Storage limits and quotas and no detached storage solution
    • Lack of dynamic redundancy for testing, development or disaster recovery

Hyperscale is the ability to scale massively not just in a linear fashion but scale individually across different dimensions like compute, memory or storage. Hyperscale cloud means moving to a fully automated system that allows you to consume computation like a utility at any scale without constraints.

If you are considering a move to cloud it is worth choosing a hyperscale cloud that can deliver real savings and real flexibility. Vault’s hyperscale cloud offers:

    • Scaling to demand
    • Real-time billing that replaces CapEx and flagfall charges with operational expenditure (OpEx)
    • Machines are spun up by API calls, not phone calls, and provisioned immediately
    • Our programmatic cloud enables you to build auto-scaling infrastructure or clone infrastructure for disaster recovery testing and development
    • Compute, memory and storage are independently configurable per instance for scaling along these dimensions
    • Fast NVMe solid state storage is supplemented by a detached storage system for limitless data scaling
    • Constantly refreshed hardware deployments in multiple Australian locations

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