ACSC certified


Government and critical infrastructure organisations face threats from hackers, hacktivists, criminal gangs and state level espionage. Adopting cloud to innovate and make savings needs to be done, but it needs to be done securely.


  • Australian government policy demands development is cloud first
  • 93% of Australian citizens expect their data to be kept secure from foreign entities
  • Data breach rules require disclosure of hacks and the Privacy Act has penalties for offenders
  • Cyber attacks against government and critical infrastructure are increasing
  • Australian entities suffered significant attacks in 2013 and 2018 against intelligence and defence contractors
  • Australian government has warned about ongoing wide scale espionage against industry and government, a “constant, significant effort to steal our intellectual property”
  • Geopolitical related cyber attacks are becoming more common and have hit government and critical infrastructure in Estonia in 2007, Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2015 and 2018


A prudent security posture is required to meet these numerous threats and high customer and citizen expectations. Vault Cloud provides highly secure cloud computation infrastructure for government and critical infrastructure providers who can’t afford to compromise on either security or innovation.


  • Built from the ground up to TOP SECRET controls
  • Australian Cyber Security Centre certification to hold PROTECTED workloads
  • A successful IRAP assessment to the SECRET level, the report is available under NDA
  • Sovereign company, only subject to Australian jurisdiction
  • Separate and exclusive community clouds for government and critical infrastructure to mitigate public cloud attack vectors
  • Business model and roadmap entirely aligned to government and critical infrastructure customer needs
  • Secure Operations Centre (SOC) built to SCEC Zone 5 specifications
  • Secure monitored data centres in Canberra and Sydney
  • Secure Internet Gateway and next generation firewalls
  • ICON network connectivity for government
  • Already trusted by government for mission critical workloads in the defence area


Vault Cloud allows you to take the most prudent security posture through its built-in security controls, sovereignty and exclusive community clouds. Our technology is already trusted by security conscious innovators like the Digital Transformation Agency and the Department of Defence.


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