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Cloud Infrastructure for Government & Critical Industries

Cloud Infrastructure  for Government & Critical Industries

Vault Cloud is... Secure

Vault was the first cloud services provider to obtain the highest available certification from the Australian Signals Directorate.

Vault Cloud is… Sovereign

Our locally supported platform is hosted within Australian borders and subject to Australian jurisdiction.

Vault Cloud is… Verified

Physically separate community and government clouds hosted in Australian data centres mitigate cloud infrastructure attacks.

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Vault Cloud provides premium, full-service cloud computing solutions with Australia’s highest security standards. Built on advanced OpenStack architecture with powerful Intel processors, lightning-fast solid-state storage, and AI and machine learning accelerators, it also delivers unparalleled performance.

High-level government departments including the Department of Defence trust us to protect their sensitive data and critical infrastructure with military-grade security while delivering industry-best performance.

The only cloud with uncompromised security & unparalleled performance

The only cloud with uncompromised security & unparalleled performance

High Performance

Vault Cloud performs like a supercomputer. Powerful Intel processors, lightning-fast solid-state storage with speedy internal connections, and hardware AI accelerators combine to deliver industry-best performance.

Uncompromised Security

Our locally supported community clouds for government and critical infrastructure are built to top-secret standards. We guard your connectivity with our Secure Internet Gateway that is monitored from our zone five-rated Secure Operations Centre.

100% Australian

Our entire company, including our data centres, offices and security-cleared support staff, is located entirely within Australia. Vault Cloud is also guaranteed to remain a sovereign entity in our founding documents.

Australia's National Cloud

Secure your network

Secure your network

Secure Internet Gateway

All Vault Cloud customers are protected by our monitored Secure Internet Gateway with the option to expand our comprehensive network security to your entire organisation.

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Case Study
Case Study Federal IT Project of the Year
Federal IT Project of the Year

Hear how Australia’s airspace regulator moved to Vault Cloud in a snap to realise large performance gains.

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We are ready to help

We are ready to help

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