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Building on open standards allows you to avoid lock-in. Vault is built on OpenStack, one of the largest open source projects in the world. Released by NASA in 2010 OpenStack continues to expand globally, looking to almost double in market size in the next three years.

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OpenStack 2010-2020

OpenStack's advanced cloud technology has achieved widespread use by governments, corporations and research communities in its first decade.

  • OpenStack runs on over 10 million cores across the world
  • OpenStack is used by the US Army, UK Civil Service and French Interior Ministry
  • OpenStack runs many of the world's top banks and financial institutions, from Bloomberg to CommBank
  • OpenStack now powers 75 public clouds around the world
  • One of the three most actively developed open source projects in the world
  • Contributions from 150+ organisations orchestrated by a foundation rather than a single vendor

Hybrid Cloud to Cloud Native

Vault's highly secure version of OpenStack allows you to start with a hybrid cloud model moving your new and existing workloads to cloud immediately, with techniques like layer-2 stretch making them seamlessly appear on your local network.

OpenStack's advanced cloud storage, automatic orchestration and autoscaling technologies allow you to start becoming cloud native when you are ready.

Avoid proprietary cloud lock-in and choose a secure, open standards cloud technology used around the globe.

Hybrid technology

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