Critical Infrastructure Cloud

Critical Infrastructure Cloud

The Critical Infrastructure Cloud is a hyperscale secure cloud exclusively for critical infrastructure providers. Critical infrastructure is a set of industries vital to the nation – banking and finance, communications, energy, food and grocery, health, transport, water services and government – that face the same responsibilities and threats as government.

We cloned our Government Cloud to create the Critical Infrastructure Cloud to provide the same level of security to these vital industries.

Military Grade Security

Built to TOP SECRET controls

Critical Infrastructure Cloud is a clone of Government Cloud (certified to PROTECTED) and itself holds UNCLASSIFIED DLM certification

Vault Cloud has successfully been assessed to SECRET in an IRAP process, this report is available to prospective clients

Configured as a community cloud, exclusive to critical infrastructure customers, public cloud attack vectors are mitigated

Our Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) allows sophisticated whole-of-organisation networking security monitoring and management

24/7 monitoring and support, including a SCEC 5 rated Secure Operations Centre

Regular security audits

Penetration testing services

Cloud without Compromise

Our cloud is hyperscale to meet any workload, we pair the latest Intel enterprise hardware with next generation solid state storage

GPU acceleration is available for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence workloads

Vault uses the gold standard of open cloud technology: OpenStack, the world’s largest open infrastructure project. Used by leading banks, utilities and retailers worldwide.

Agencies have already shifted entire data centres into our cloud without a hitch, realising large performance gains as well as savings


Vault is 100% sovereign, owned and operated entirely within Australia

An Office of the Australian Information Commissioner survey on privacy shows that Australian citizens have made clear that they find offshore processing unacceptable with 93% opposing it, and 58% avoiding organisations over the issue

Sovereignty eliminates offshore legal and regulatory risk to your business

Foreign owned cloud can be subject to access by security laws in other countries

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