Military Grade Security

Built to the TOP SECRET security framework of the Australian Government Information Security Manual, Vault was the first cloud services provider to obtain the highest possible PROTECTED certification from the Australian Signals Directorate.

With Vault Cloud, you can adopt a military grade protective framework at the click of a button.

Secure Internet Gateway

Vault Cloud’s Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) stands between you and the internet. The advanced firewall provides next-generation network security with monitoring, logging and auditing up and down the stack. Also available as a product designed to protect your entire organisation’s internet use, our SIG will flag incoming malware and data exfiltration attempts.

Physical Security

All Vault Cloud data centres are patrolled, monitored and located in separate cities on separate grids, and our Secure Operations Centre is rated to Zone 5. Government users also have the added peace of mind of isolated ICON connectivity.

Two Verified Communities

Unlike a public cloud, where infrastructure – physical machines, networking or storage – is shared, Vault’s Government and Critical Infrastructure Community Clouds are physically separate. All users need to be verified as a known member of a given community before they can proceed.

100% Sovereign

Vault Cloud is 100% Australian-owned and operated. Our entire company, including our data centres, offices and NV-1 cleared support staff, is located entirely within Australia and subject to Australian jurisdiction. Vault Cloud is also guaranteed to remain a sovereign entity in our founding documents.

Quantum Cybersecurity

Modern cryptography requires a lot of random numbers. If they aren’t generated fast enough, or have weaknesses, how these numbers are generated can slow you down. Vault Cloud provides a next-generation key and secrets management system with randomness generated at the quantum level.

Security Services

When setting up new infrastructure, it is important to subject your security to professional scrutiny. Get free advice from our Cloud Solutions Architects when you’re planning your transition to the cloud, or utilise our penetration testing services with security-cleared personnel.

We are ready to help

We are ready to help

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