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Government cloud

Our secure Government Cloud is built to meet the demands of modern government. It supports innovation with a high performance, hyperscale, open standards cloud. It also delivers peerless security with TOP SECRET controls and the highest certification available from the Australian Signals Directorate. Government Cloud completes the security picture, with a government-exclusive community cloud model subject to Australian jurisdiction.

Built for Government

Built for Government

Made to match the technology built by the US government and trusted by the British civil service and French public service, Vault is purpose-built for government to the highest security standards and used across government levels including defence and intelligence workloads.

Within the Federal Governments recently announced hosting certification framework, Vault's services are provided from within confirmed 'Certified Strategic' datacentre locations.

It’s also Australian-owned and operated, with Government Cloud data centres located in Canberra and Sydney, and subject to Australian laws only.

Trusted, Secure and exclusive to Government


All Data Stays in Australia

Vault Cloud is proudly Australian-owned and operated and legally guaranteed to remain a sovereign entity. Our data centres are located in Canberra and Sydney, and administered onshore by engineers with NV-1 or higher security clearances.

Avoid Unauthorised Access

Government-level security standards, a Secure Internet Gateway, community cloud configuration and guaranteed sovereignty ensure the lowest possible risk profile for your cloud, support and network infrastructure.

Maintain Compliance


Our Government Cloud guarantees compliance to the highest standards now and in the future.


Fibre Network Available in Canberra

100 Gigabit networking fibre to each node means high performance inside your tenancy. With ICON connectivity you can stay off the public Internet. Seamlessly extend your premise data centre into our cloud.

Custom Hyperscale Hardware

We are one of a handful of cloud providers in the world with a direct relationship to Intel. Our cloud is consistently updated with the most powerful hardware available.

Faster, Without Cloud Optimisation

Not ready to go cloud native? With Vault, you have the option to ‘lift and shift’ into our cloud to realise performance gains immediately.



Built to the security framework of the Australian Government Information Security Manual, Vault was the first cloud services provider to obtain ‘Protected’ certification from the Australian Signals Directorate.

IRAP Ready

Vault is built to the highest security standards with configurations ready for IRAP (Information Security Registered Assessors Program) assessment.

Network Security

An advanced Secure Internet Gateway protects every tenancy on the Government Cloud.

Verified community

In a Community Cloud, everyone is verified. For government and critical industries, a Community Cloud consists only of peers and excludes unknown actors and attack vectors from the public cloud, mitigating infrastructure attacks from anyone with a credit card. It also means our cloud is bound to meet your infrastructure requirements now and in the future.

Need More Info About the Government cloud?

Need More Info About the Government cloud?


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We are ready to help

We are ready to help

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