Vault Cloud is consistently updated with the latest processors from Intel. Your access to this high-performance hardware is guaranteed, because we don't oversubscribe our CPUs (Central Processing Units).

Solid State Speed

Solid state storage delivers large performance gains across all workloads. We were the first cloud in Australia to move to entirely solid state NVMe storage to improve our speed.


Super fast connectivity

Connectivity between nodes in a lightning fast 100gbps. That means any topology you choose in our software defined networking will deliver extreme performance. In Canberra, ICON connectivity provides government with a direct secure connection into tenancies without transiting the internet. Our advanced monitored Secure Internet Gateway guards all nodes connected to the Internet.

AI Acceleration

NVIDIA V100 hardware is built into our cloud to enable the acceleration of machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads. This means you can conduct R&D, and deploy custom and enterprise applications that take advantage of the hardware.

We are ready to help

We are ready to help

Our Cloud Solution Architects are standing by to offer a free solution overview and quote based on your specific requirements.
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