Secure Internet Gateway


Advanced network security for your workloads and your people.

Our Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) protects every cloud tenancy. Advanced firewall features stand between you and the internet, with the option to use our SIG as an advanced monitored gateway to all incoming and outgoing data.


Safe access to the internet anywhere users go

Vault’s SIG provides the first line of defence and inspection, regardless of location. Bringing together remote employees, branch offices, cloud data centres and applications under secure network management, it goes beyond the traditional web gateway or firewall. It provides security, monitoring and logging up and down the stack from ports and IPs to people and places. What’s more, it’s built on ACSC Certified gateway architecture and configuration.

Secure Internet Gateway

Leveraging high speed connections, Vault’s SIG provides secure connections between public and sensitive networks. Gateways act as information flow control mechanisms at the network layer, and can control information at the higher layers of the Open System Interconnect (OSI) model.



Secure Connectivity

Vault’s SIG can be used to connect and secure public clouds at no additional charge. You can route through the SIG to protect and monitor your workload, wherever it is.

Secure Operations Centre

We take security seriously. Our SIG is logged and monitored with purpose-built powerful data analytics tools every second, 24/7. This is coordinated from our Security Operations Centre, which is built to meet the highest security standards, just like our cloud.

Gateway operation

Our gateways have logging and auditing capability to help detect cyber security incidents, including attempted network intrusions. This allows you to implement countermeasures to reduce the likelihood and consequence of future network intrusion attempts.

Event logs are stored on a separate secure log server, making it difficult for an adversary to delete logging information or destroy evidence.


Our gateways:

  • Are built on ACSC Certified gateway architecture and configuration
  • Protect all systems from systems in other security domains by one or more gateways
    Implement mechanisms to inspect and filter data flows between security domains
  • Act as the only communications paths into and out of internal networks
  • Deny all connections into and out of the network by default
  • Allow only explicitly authorised connections
  • Protect devices on corporate networks

Our gateways feature:

  • Protected ports and protocols
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Load Balancing
  • Web filtering
  • TLS Proxying
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • Policy Profiles for popular applications (e.g. MS Office)

Our gateways are protected by:

  • Air-locked windowless SOC rooms
  • Minimal penetrations, treated to SCEC Zone 5 requirements
  • Acoustically rated, ballistics resistant, thick 14-layer walls
  • Strict access controls

We are ready to help

We are ready to help

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