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Community Cloud

Imagine our Community Cloud as a gated community; only users with the right credentials can reside there. For you, that means communities restricted to government and critical industry providers.

These closed communities are where government agents and critical industry partners can procure cloud tenancies, while keeping the whole community safe from attack vectors and unknown actors.

Unlike public clouds offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure, it takes more than a credit card to access our Secure Community Clouds.

Only security cleared engineers manage the Secure Community Clouds, with a minimum NV1-clearance meet your security and technical requirements.

Vault 1


The Perfect Hybrid Cloud

The Perfect Hybrid Cloud

At Vault Cloud, we have solutions to suit all business types and sizes, including low-latency and high-throughput networks. When you partner with Vault, you directly benefit from our secure ‘Software Defined Network’, part of our robust cloud network supporting all our critical services. You can rely on us to take care of the complex physical networking, micro-segmentation and connectivity between data centres, so your business and technology teams can focus on innovation.

You also benefit from the multiple methods we use to integrate current services and new cloud-native solutions. For example, you can choose from two main connection options to cater to your most demanding applications and services. These include:

  • Dedicated fibre channels
  • ASD-approved encryption protocols over the internet

Our fibre connectivity options, whether an Intra-government Communications Network (ICON) or data centre cross connect, grant direct on-premise to cloud connections. Secure Layer 2 (Fibre) connections allow at-your-own-pace transitions with confidence that all data transmitted is secure, retrievable and easily accessed.

Publishing your SaaS (Software as a Service) applications from Vault Cloud is also a safe way to test new products before integrating them directly into your critical production systems. And our ASD Certified Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) scales to meet your bandwidth requirements without long lead times or additional fees for changing firewall rules.

Cross-Domain gateway

Cross domain capability enables government agencies to collaborate at all classification levels, and to partition their own cloud deployments according to SCEC zones.

Vault’s Secure Internet Gateway and Zone 5-rated Secure Operations Centre mean you can connect and transfer data between zones while staying compliant with Australian Cyber Security Centre controls.

Our cross-domain gateway is the ideal solution for government agencies that need to communicate directly with a Critical Infrastructure provider, and create SECRET tenancies for inter-agency collaboration.

Security Domain Isolation

Security Domain Isolation

Need More Info About the Secure Cloud Infrastructure?

Need More Info About the Secure Cloud Infrastructure?


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