About Us

Protecting the Nation’s Data

Who We Are

Founded in 2012 to secure Government classified and sensitive data, Vault was the first cloud to be certified by the Australian Signals Directorate for classified systems. Vault delivers a secure hyperscale technology platform driving agile Digital Transformation in large organisations including Defence and Intelligence agencies. Bringing together scalable, flexible, open standards cloud with the highest level of security, privacy, governance, physical sovereignty and legal sovereignty, Vault accelerates critical systems to exceed stakeholder expectations and outcomes.

What This Means to our Customers

  • Our clouds are built from the ground up with native security controls to meet the stringent Government security standards to host sensitive information.
  • We provide IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which means that when you move to the cloud you buy a service and not the infrastructure. With no front costs, you only pay for what you use.
  • Our services are delivered with the highest level of security in the country. We use an agile and hyperscale platform within the sovereign borders of Australia and subject to Australian jurisdiction.

Why We are Different

Proficient Team of Experts

We are a committed group of talented individuals with a mission to provide Government and Enterprise with a secure, reliable and agile cloud storage platform. Our high standards of security and compliance drive us towards creating the most customer-centric organisation in the nation.

ASD Certified Cloud Services

Our cloud services are fully ASD Certified for both Protected and Unclassified (DLM) data, certifications which only a few organisations have attained globally.

Agile Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneurial mindset is what sets us apart. A rock-solid risk management ability allows us to adapt and align with best-practice at all levels of the organisation. This approach also lends itself to the agile and constantly evolving world of cloud computing.

Sterling Customer Service

To deliver the world’s most secure cloud based infrastructure, we focus on customer delight and governance that puts our clients in the driving seat. A true partnership can deliver exceptional results, and this is the approach we adopt with our customers.