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Welcome to the Summer edition

Linton Burling
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Now that 2020 is drawing to a close, it presents time for reflection but most importantly time for consideration and planning for 2021.


For me personally, my reflection is quite simple. I am very thankful.  Thankful for my family, friends in their support and belief.  Thankful to Vault’s customers and partners for their trust. Thankful to the entire Vault Cloud team and how we have come together with a common customer mission during a tough calendar year. I am generally thankful for how Australia as a whole has managed through the trials of 2020 particularly considering the continued global challenges being faced across the globe.


2021 cannot come fast enough for many no doubt.  We still have a way to go to navigate through the pandemic recovery with a number of economic challenges to be addressed as a community.  However for Vault and its part in this ecosystem, particularly within the newly shaped “Data and Cloud” Critical Infrastructure which has been newly shaped as an entity by the Dept of Home Affairs.  

Data and Cloud

We stand ready to continue championing and servicing the significant growth in Australia’s awareness and the importance in not only sovereign capability but also information security. Vault Cloud’s relevance through our products, current and coming for 2021, and growing talent should provide all our customers and partners with confidence moving into the new year.  

NPS Score

In our last newsletter, I mentioned the importance of NPS based feedback from our customers to give clear messages on what’s working and what’s not.  Why is this important? It feeds straight into our priority roadmap and product updates for 2021 and beyond.  

Thank you to all that provided your very valued insight.  We had over 50% response rate and we aspire to get this rate even higher in the future.  We’ve heard your comments, and taken them into account for developing Vault Cloud’s business plan, particularly noting the importance of transparency with our product roadmap, billing, improving our partnerships and joint GTM programmes.  All whilst striving to continually improve and deliver a Secure, High Performance Hybrid Cloud and Secure Internet Gateway services.  

Happy Holidays

So, with 2020 coming to a close, please ensure you prioritise the most important things to you. Take the opportunity to recharge in whatever ways work best for you.

Seasons Greetings and wishing all a very Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2021.

Linton Burling

General Manager

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