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Following discussion with many of our Customers, as well as listening to the NPS feedback provided by our Customers on the importance of Communication – I am delighted to be launching this program which will focus on sharing information regarding Vault’s Product, Industry Leadership and People.

For those Customers and Partners I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet with, I would like to briefly share with you my priorities within the Vault business as well as make the commitment to reach out to you in the coming month to get your feedback and insight to working with Vault.

The Shift

My first four months within the Vault business have come at a challenging time for the Australian IT sector.  Not only due to the wide sweeping business, personal and societal challenges of a global pandemic, but a significant uplift in focus on the importance of CyberSecurity and the value of Sovereignty across all levels of Government, pushing into Critical Infrastructure entities as we speak.  The shift that has occurred in market has been seismic – we would all no doubt agree.

Customer Priorities

Three priority areas have taken the majority of my time, since coming online – our Customers, our Product and our People.  Firstly a quick but very important note on Our People.  Vault is growing!  We currently have more employee’s than any time in the history of the company. We are very proud that we have been in a position to support growth and jobs during the recent economic conditions and have an ambitious plan to continue this growth. 

Secondly, we have taken on a number of important shifts in our Customer Engagement model which has taken effect in the past month, with a positive impact on each of the Customers and Partners I have had an opportunity to speak with since launch.    

  • Customer Success Management

Focused on the Value of the Vault Partnership with our Customers and Partners, Customer Success Management is your relationship focal point to ensure Vault delivers the quality of service, product and relationship that you expect from a strategic partner.  Measured on Customer Retention, Customer Success will drive a renewed governance model built on transparency, commitment to delivery and opportunity to feedback into Vaults Product roadmap and strategy. 

Many of you will know Robinson Mulegari as your Customer Success Manager to date, and in late September we look forward to Welcoming a new Customer Success Manager to drive joint success across the States and Territories. More to come on this front.

  • Partner Engagement

Partners have been central to the Vault business since inception, and with over 75 partners within the Vault Community (and growing!), it’s an incredible asset that offers benefit to the Vault community as a whole.  The Partner Sales function has been established with a focus on driving joint GoTo Market success with Strategic Partners, Resellers and ISV’s.  Brianna Olzen (Federal) and Karen Nicholson (States) are ready to work with Vault’s current partners and develop new partnerships as we develop a community of world leading solutions and services on Australia’s Sovereign Community Cloud.

NPS Survey

As mentioned above, this Newsletter, along with shifts in our Customer Engagement approach have come as a result of feedback from a NPS survey shared with our Customers in March.  Our next NPS survey will be released later this month and I personally ask all Customers and Partners to take advantage of this feedback process to help shape not only improvements within the Vault business, but benefits to our business partnership also.  

Again, thank you for your business and partnership,  I look forward to keeping you updated through “The Vault” and direct conversation as we continue our collective mission to Protect Australia’s Data.

Linton Burling

General Manager

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