Government Cloud

Modern government faces demands to both be secure and to innovate, Vault’s Government Cloud is built to meet these needs. Government Cloud provides a high performance, hyperscale, open standards cloud which has been built to TOP SECRET controls. Government Cloud completes the security picture with jurisdictional sovereignty and a community cloud model that is exclusive to government.

Cloud without Compromise

Hyperscale Intel hardware with next generation solid state storage

The gold standard of open infrastructure technology: OpenStack. Used by government in Australia, the United Kingdom, France and the United States.

Agencies have already shifted entire data centres into our cloud, realising large performance gains as well as savings

Secure and exclusive to Government

Built to the TOP SECRET controls of the ISM

Certified by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to hold PROTECTED data, the highest certification available

Our technology has a successful IRAP assessment to the SECRET level

Government Cloud offers SECRET configuration options, ready for agency or IRAP assessment

Government Cloud is exclusive to government, meaning your peers on the cloud have clearances and implement ISM policies across their organisations

Public cloud attack vectors are mitigated by a community cloud model exclusive to government

Trusted by the defence and intelligence community for mission critical workloads

Simple ICON and Internet connectivity

Compliant Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) offering comprehensive network security management and Cross Domain Gateway capability

24/7 monitoring and support from a SCEC 5 rated Secure Operations Centre

Regular security audits

Penetration testing services


The ISM warns that offshore clouds, or local clouds in Australia with foreign ownership, can be subject to access from other jurisdictions

An Office of the Australian Information Commissioner survey on privacy shows that Australian citizens have made clear that they find offshore processing unacceptable, with 93% opposing it and 58% avoiding organisations over the issue

Vault is Australian owned and operated, with Government Cloud data centres in Canberra and Sydney, subject only to Australian law

Aligned to Government

Through the community cloud model Government Cloud is 100% aligned with government needs now and in the future

Our Canberra customer experience centre and training facilities are built for government

An office in Sydney, and offices opening in Melbourne and Brisbane, serve state and local governments

Our investors are committed to meeting government  needs over the long term

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