archTIS was established to resolve a critical global problem.   The need to share information securely archTIS is a Canberra-based firm that specialises in the design and development of products, solutions and services for secure information sharing and collaboration

Like Vault Cloud, ArchTIS was founded in Canberra to address unique gaps in government data security. Originally built for the Department of Defence, ArchTIS created a Trusted Information Sharing platform to address highly secure collaboration requirements between governments. The platform, Kojensi, was redeveloped as a cloud service and initially tested then deployed to the Attorney General’s Department and then to the Commonwealth Ombudsman, both requiring an accredited Protected platform to share classified or sensitive information between agencies.

Using the Kojensi Classified Information Sharing and Collaboration service, government agencies can implement shared compartmentalised workspaces in minutes for inter-agency and industry partners to securely share, edit and collaborate on sensitive key projects. All data is entirely hosted on and secure in Vault’s ‘Protected’ Government Cloud.

Our products and solutions have the ability to apply and enforce dynamic, policy-driven access controls at the user and information level. Established in 2006, archTIS has over 10 years’ experience delivering secure information and identity management services and solutions within the highest security levels of the Australian Government.

Why choose us?

  • Share sensitive/classified files securely with Kojensi
  • Increase security and compliance by controlling who accesses your information, and under what conditions, ensuring information is shared with only those who need-to-know securely share any file or document type with those inside and outside your organisation for increased productivity and security
  • Instantly share large classified files, replacing encrypted emails and USB drives or safe hands.

How we work with Vault Cloud?

  • The Kojensi Cloud Service is a government accredited cloud service for Government, Defence and their industry partners to share and manage PROTECTED information that is built on Vault’s secure sovereign cloud.
  • “Our strategic partnership combines archTIS’ next generation of secure information sharing and collaboration products, Kojensi, with Vault’s ASD certified cloud, creating a powerful solution for government and commercial clients.” said Daniel Lai, CEO of archTIS
  • “Both Vault and archTIS have deep government experience and an acute understanding of the challenges governments face to collaborate in a secure environment. This has seen us both become trusted providers to government departments and agencies over the years.” said Mr Lai

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