Scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-effective data centre services.

The future of CDC is one in which customers are at the centre of everything we do. Together we configure the landscape to meet your security, reliability, connectivity and sustainability needs for today and tomorrow. CDC facilities are designed to meet the highest standards of technology, security, availability and sustainability, key attributes of a world-class data centre facility. CDC’s intellectual property around its data centres’ design and operation provides a technically superior solution at a lower total cost of ownership for each customer.

Why choose us?

  • CDC can design custom configurations which include B Class racks, 50Kw+ racks, extra deep racks, custom rooms, suites of rooms or specially designed racks with precision cooling and power delivery.
  • CDC provides a strict security environment that adheres to Australian Federal Government standards.
  • The CDC team provides data centre migration services to ensure efficient, safe, secure and timely migration into the facilities.
  • Every major component is IP addressable and feeds ‘real-time’ information on rack temperature, humidity, power consumption and power capacity to a central dashboard. 
  • CDC employs specially trained and certified technicians to provide unparalleled hands-on expertise to their sites, 24/7.

How we work with Vault Cloud?

Vault’s infrastructure resides in CDC Data Centres.  CDC data centre in Canberra is a Certified Strategic Facility under the DTA’s Hosting Certification Framework.  This has been developed to operationalise the principles outlined in the whole-of-government Hosting Strategy and to support the secure management of government systems and data.

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