Cocoon Data’s ultra-secure file-sharing and collaboration platform enables users to collaborate and share regulated and commercially sensitive data outside organisational firewalls, safely and compliantly.

Cocoon Data’s technology is cloud-agnostic, to work across existing cloud infrastructure, people, and processes to help businesses store and transfer regulated and commercially sensitive data.

Conceived for the Military and the intelligence communities, our cloud-based platform supports teams within Government, Healthcare, Finance and US Defense who share data under the world’s most stringent compliance environments.

Our patented file encryption is unmatched – where Microsoft O365, SharePoint and similar products stop at the firewall for policy, key management and identity-based access to sensitive and encrypted content, Cocoon Data’s offering takes over. Our ‘Secure Objects Technology’ platform uses three key principles to afford unrivalled security and compliance – identity, policy, and unique encryption keys.

Today, we are one of the preferred providers in the US for helping meet compliance solutions in the US Defense Supply Chain.

Why choose us?

  • Immediate SaaS provisioning in a country of choice for secure file-sharing and collaboration
  • Geofencing functionality to protect and limit file access based on a user’s latitude and longitude location
  • Dynamic watermarking to discourage unauthorised downloads, sharing, screen capture and photography of a confidential file
  • Two-factor authentication and reporting on usage and logging of all activities.
  • Time and location access for any device, with zero-trust facility
  • Full audit trails down to the ‘by file’ level to track access and time
  • ‘Kill the key’ to immediately switch access off to individual files
  • Integrated Microsoft Windows environment and secure data storage

How we work with Vault Cloud?

  • Cocoon Data is hosted on Vault’s secure sovereign cloud, which adds an additional layer of security controls and peace of mind that your data is safe.

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