Counterparts provide technology consulting, procurement management and professional services to both mid-market commercial and public sector clients.

Counterparts technology was founded on the knowledge that customers require better responsiveness, genuine advice and the lowest consistent pricing in an ever accelerating world driven by technology innovation.

Why choose us?

  • Data Migrations – migrating existing workloads between clouds is a necessity for a large number of use cases, especially for users moving from traditional virtualization technologies like VMware vSphere or Microsoft System Center VMM
  • Counterparts addresses exactly those requirements, in particular migrating Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat / CentOS, Oracle Linux, SUSE, Debian, Fedora) and Windows virtual machine, templates, storage and networking configurations
  • Counterparts is based on a microservices architecture with scalability and fault tolerance as a primary goal in mind
  • Identity management is based on Keystone, to allow easy integration with OpenStack, Active Directory and Azure, offering easy project based multi-tenancy. Counterparts leverage lots of OpenStack Oslo components for most of the services, from the WSGI based APIs down to AMQP messaging
  • Counterparts provides a simple and powerful REST API, that can be consumed with a web, command line or custom interface
  • Counterparts can allow hybrid scenarios where the target cloud is used for handling workload expansions on a public cloud while still maintaining an on-premise infrastructure


FREE 90 minutes consultation to understand how our services can help you manage the cloud transformation workload to suit your business needs.

How we work with Vault Cloud?

  • Counterparts recommend that data that requires sovereignty and security should be hosted on Vault Cloud
  • Through Counterparts data classification consultancy. They can help identify what date falls into these classifications:
    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Intellectual Property data (IP)
    • or any sensitive data is best hosted on Vault Cloud
  • Counterparts use Coriolis that works seamlessly with OpenStack

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