Daltrey allows you to eliminate identity risk by using one trusted biometric credential for universal authentication across all physical and digital scenarios.

Daltrey’s identity defined approach drives security policy from a more effective starting point: robust identity establishment. It convergences identity issuance and authentication and eliminates usernames, passwords, access cards and PIN codes, giving government and critical infrastructure the ability to manage who accesses what, when and where – securely, conveniently and onshore.

Daltrey is built to the highest security and privacy standards in order to protect government agencies, defence and intelligence, law enforcement and critical industries. Our middleware platform delivers biometrics-as-a-service, giving you the option to coexist, migrate or retire your legacy systems in a simple, cost-effective way. We’re positioned to deliver complex, scalable and future proof authentication programs across all use cases, tailored to suit each unique risk level and user.

Why choose us?

  • Bridge the gap between disparate agency access environments. Daltrey provides one interoperable identity for cross-agency authentication
  • Converge physical and digital access scenarios
  • Apply to unlimited citizen and workforce use cases
  • Customise the user onboarding process and requirements
  • Leverage adaptive biometric authentication
  • Get immutable records for investigation and compliance

How we work with Vault Cloud?

  • The collaboration between Daltrey and Vault Cloud provides government and critical infrastructure with a 100% sovereign solution that eliminates identity risk and streamlines cross-agency user experience
  • Headquartered in Sydney, Daltrey teams with leading, locally-supported cloud provider Vault Cloud to ensure your data is strictly hosted within Australia and subject to local jurisdiction

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