DX provides customers with strategic digital solutions to optimise, scale and secure their business operations, transforming business through the best minds, the best tools and the best partners

DX Solutions is an Australian private company, specialising in delivering quality engineering and assurance, DevOps, agile project services and network engineering for Australia’s major digital transformations and organisations.

Why choose us?

  • Our process prevents defects from reaching production, meaning fewer risks around security, liability and brand damage
  • Modernising your approach to software delivery to build and maintain competitive advantage
  • Our highly resilient, virtualised networks will optimise your delivery speed and reliability
  • Transform successfully with our thorough planning, management, coaching and implementation

How we work with Vault Cloud?

  • DX Solutions have a compelling offering around technology migration and transformation that encompasses the people and process aspects of change to get the best outcome for their customers
  • DX Solutions uses a DevOps framework to provide continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) to help their customers realise faster time to success, cost savings, better customer experience with minimal mistakes
  • DX Solutions and Vault Cloud work seamlessly together as they are both sovereign Australian companies providing services and technology for Australians
  • With both companies’ offerings underpinned by open source technology, Vault Cloud and DX Solutions’ services are highly complementary with no vendor lock-ins, flexibility, rapid integration, code built to industry standards with code automation and unlimited scalability

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