Our Mission Statement is to provide secure, reliable, high-quality data centre, cloud and connectivity services to enterprise and government customers. Our goal is to deliver Australia’s most efficient and secure cloud and data communications services through Enterprise-Class Data Centres combined with robust network stability and unrivalled customer service.

Vault Cloud’s Queensland Protected Cloud partner. Expertise in enterprise cloud, robust data centres, managed connectivity solutions, and multi-provider internet services.

Why choose us?

Why Choose Us

  • With locations in Brisbane, Townsville and Sydney iseek data centres specialise in storing business-critical systems for a range of corporate, enterprise, and government organizations
  • With security and efficiency the number one priority, iseek offers a choice of cloud services, from private to hybrid solutions.
  • Through iseek’s Virtual data centre (VDC), the physical requirements of a data centre have been eliminated, along with the need for server and storage hardware – so your business no longer has to manage rack space, power, and environmental conditions.
  • We have the ability to service multiple locations while remaining completely independent of the public internet, providing a fully managed, consistent, secure, and cost-effective connectivity solution.

How we work with Vault Cloud?

Vault Cloud partners with iseek to provide a PROTECTED sovereign Cloud service in Queensland. 

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