Privacy Outcomes for Australians

Australian citizens are increasingly concerned about privacy, and act on these concerns:


  • 93% don’t want their data processed overseas
  • 58% have avoided dealing with an organisation over privacy concerns
  • 69% of Australians are more concerned about their privacy than they were five years ago


A case study for just how seriously Australians regard this issue is the Federal Government’s My Health Record initiative. Over one million Australians have opted out due to privacy concerns despite the fact that fatal medical complications often arise from incomplete health records.

The consequences of citizen data being compromised are significant:


  • Data breach notification laws now make it necessary to disclose breaches
  • 94% of citizens say they want to be notified of a commercial or government data breach
  • There are significant damages, penalties and potential injunctions for breaches of the Privacy Act
  • Erosion of trust can undermine the effectiveness of digital initiatives
  • A privacy breach can have have material bottom line consequences with 58% of Australians avoiding dealing with an organisation over privacy concerns
  • Loss of trust can last for years, damaging your organisation in the long term


Does storing the private data of citizens customers in foreign owned or operated public cloud pass the “front page of the newspaper” test if a privacy breach happens?

If a government agency or private sector organisation is serious about the privacy of citizens then it needs to consider Vault Cloud:


  • Networking, compute and storage infrastructure at a superior level of security than the majority of on premise infrastructure
  • Built from the ground up to the TOP SECRET controls of the Australian government
  • Certified by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to hold PROTECTED data, the highest level certification available
  • A successful IRAP assessment up to the SECRET level, with these configurations available to customers
  • Core infrastructure engineers hold government clearances
  • Vault Cloud is entirely based and located in Australia: people, processes, technology, data centres and metadata
  • Sovereignty ensures your organisation’s data is only subject to Australian law; public cloud, even when the data centre is located in Australia, cannot make this guarantee


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