Vault Cloud on location remotely managed

Vault Cloud on location  remotely managed

VaultStack is the Vault Cloud technology, built to TOP SECRET controls, brought to your location on high performance hardware. Installed in your facilities you can rapidly build out a secure high performance cloud on location.


Managed by us and consumed by you just like our community cloud, with the same open no lock-in APIs

The power and flexibility of OpenStack on location

Open standards means you can move from an on-premise configuration to a hybrid cloud configuration at any point in the future with the flick of a switch: every drop of your staff training, automation, orchestration and infrastructure work on-premise can be replicated and reused

VaultStack is remotely managed from our SCEC Zone 5 rated Secure Operations Centre

VaultStack can also take advantage of our Secure Internet Gateway and Cross Domain Gateway technology for complete whole-of-organisation network monitoring and management

We are ready to help

We are ready to help

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