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In the face of a surge in cyber-attacks on Government organisations, Vault Cloud has embedded security into its' cloud infrastructure to help mitigate threats and meet the increased Government compliance and regulatory requirements.

Built for Government Security & Compliance

Built for Government Security & Compliance

Imagine if your cloud infrastructure service maintains alignment with evolving cyber, environmental and regulatory compliance out-of-the-box.

That's the Vault Promise.

Our secure Government cloud is built to meet the demands of modern Governments. It supports innovation with a high-performance, hyperscale, open standards cloud. It also delivers peerless security from PROTECTED to TOP SECRET controls.

Our pre-negotiated Federal, State and Local

Whole-of-Government Agreement can enable faster deployment, meet your compliance needs and create a reduced cyber risk for your organisation.

Vault is Australian-owned and operated, with data centres geographically dispersed across multiple capital cities.

Trusted, Secure and exclusive to Government

Sovereign Hyperscale Cloud

Designed and Built to Australian Government ISM and PSPF standards, Vault is the only Sovereign, Hyperscale cloud service that meets these standards without compromising on cost or simplicity to use.

Vault Cloud brings these capabilities to the Australian market as a core capability and has invested significantly in an ecosystem of Partners to support the operationalisation of Vault's services to simplify your experience

Talk to us today on how we can help with your compliance needs.

Talk to us today on how we can help with your compliance needs.

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We are ready to help

We are ready to help

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