Our Secure Government Cloud delivers significant savings against owned Infrastructure and complies with the highest levels of Security.

Security is a prime concern for Government entities and organisations throughout the world. With high focus on cloud computing as a competitive measure to accelerate innovation, there are unique info-security challenges that organisations face when utilising cloud-based services. While working in the cloud provides organisations with newer ways to store and share data, workloads and applications, it also opens these resources to a host of threats from hackers and unfriendly actors.

Security is always Priority

Cloud security is in a state of transition with cloud service providers focusing on offering a high level of security. However, when it comes to security data transfers, customers and their endpoints can be easy targets. Scalability, performance and better access to resources are driving more Government agencies to the cloud, but the need to keep public information safe is a top priority for security professionals

As applications and storage needs become more complex, cloud is becoming an increasingly viable option for running core business applications. However, with the possible risk of cybercrime, it is imperative to take precautionary measures to prevent breaches and remediate them when they occur.

At Vault, Security is in our DNA.

We place strategic focus on designing highly secure infrastructure and environments for your organisation’s cloud computing needs. If your organisation has a significant gap in cybersecurity skills, you will have peace of mind knowing that Vault provide unmatched data security for all your storage and computing needs

  • Our two prime data centres are centrally located and comprise of Australia’s most diverse and network-dense telecom ecosystems.

  • Through these data centres, we deliver world leading technologies, security, services reliability and environmental outcomes

  • The data centres host stringent physical security measures including fully-redundant storage, power, cooling and networking so you can enjoy maximum availability anytime – anywhere.

  • This, combined with exceptional engineering and strategic location, attracts many of the world’s largest telecommunication, cloud and financial organisations as well as many state and commonwealth Government agencies.

  • Along with these security and infrastructure benefits, our specialised team of experts
    are able to quickly fill any gaps and upgrade your organisation’s cybersecurity skill sets,
    whenever the need arises.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) - Our Protective Armour

Our Security Operations Centre protects your sensitive data and infrastructure. With an emphasis on early security detection, our SOC has information security teams who are completely in charge of ongoing monitoring and analysis of an organisation’s security posture and are focused on detecting, analysing and responding to cyber threats..

These specialists are adept in their respective fields and work closely with incident response teams to ensure that any identified situation is dealt with quickly, so that remediation can begin as soon as possible. They are responsible for the ongoing operations of Government and Enterprise information security, including reverse engineering malware to analyse incidents and advanced forensic analysis of threats.

What’s more? Our data centres go beyond the requirements of the ISM to offer your Government agency or organisation, the most secure cloud computing environment that you deserve.

Working with us provides you with peace of mind knowing that your organisation is fully protected.

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