Revolutionising Australia’s Defence Supply Chain with Secure Cloud Services

Data Is the New Gold

With Vault’s High Security Computing services, the burdensome on-premise infrastructure becomes a thing of the past. IT Departments benefit from increased agility and productivity, while Vault’s unprecedented security measures set a new standard. Vault Cloud’s small, vetted supply chain and 100% Australian ownership ensure continuity even in wartime scenarios. As a specialist in Defence and National Security, Vault Cloud offers tailored, industry-leading solutions, making it a transformative partner for the Defence Supply Chain’s future.

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Why agencies must take advantage of the container tech revolution

Australian government agencies are rapidly moving to cloud in a big way. Migrations are typically well underway, with initiatives like the Digital Transformation Agency’s Secure Cloud strategy, and the NSW’s government’s ‘public cloud first’ policy providing the tools and guidance to trigger widespread adoption.  Through existing lift and shift strategies, agencies have an opportunity to…

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Follow-the-sun model eclipsed by dawn of the data sovereignty age

Experts are questioning what role global cloud service providers can continue to play in key government and defence markets in light of Australia’s tough new data sovereignty standards. Given how dependant their business model is on “follow-the-sun’’ support based in multiple centres around the world, it is unclear how the tech titans can adapt to…

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How Critical Industries Can Prepare for SOCI Act Reforms

Critical Infrastructure security

Our nation’s critical infrastructure is a highly connected system – one that supports and drives our day-to-day operations as businesses and as a nation. However, connectivity without security creates vulnerabilities that can have immense repercussions. With this in mind, this June, the Australian Government will announce reforms to the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act…

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On-premise exodus: tips for migrating legacy applications in the public-sector

At the start of 2020, IDC predicted that public and private cloud spending would outperform “traditional IT spending” – think on-premise IT and legacy applications – in the forthcoming year. Of course, they weren’t accounting for a global pandemic, which has sent cloud spending into the stratosphere, while traditional IT spending wanes. Supporting this continued…

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Secure Internet Gateways – is there a better way?

When the Federal Government introduced the Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) program in 2010, it was a great leap forward in cyber security.  The program allowed agencies to easily assess and procure a range of ASD accredited SIG packages, with the ASD’s ‘stamp of approval’ providing assurance that the solution was robust and up to all…

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Why increased data regulation is a good thing for Australian healthcare providers

Healthcare & life sciences

Healthcare organisations – both within Australia and across the world – have traditionally been fairly slow-moving when it comes to the adoption of innovative digital services. This is especially true in the realm of cybersecurity and data privacy, with a lack of hard-and-fast regulatory guidelines resulting in a patchwork of data privacy and compliance standards. The…

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Understanding and strengthening healthcare organisations’ 2021 cloud strategies

After a year that shifted many corporate priorities and reinforced others, concerns around digital infrastructure and cyber security in the healthcare sector are stronger than ever. This year the government plans to make amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act, which would expand how we define “critical infrastructure” for regulatory purposes — with the…

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How government and critical infrastructure can eliminate identity conflict

Government and critical infrastructure are struggling to manage disparate identity processes and siloed physical and digital access systems in the face of rising cyber threats. Daltrey’s Michael Warnock says a universal biometric identity could be the solution. Sovereign capability is essential for secure identity The increase in serious cyberattacks on Australian organisations is a worrying…

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