Revolutionising Australia’s Defence Supply Chain with Secure Cloud Services

Data Is the New Gold

With Vault’s High Security Computing services, the burdensome on-premise infrastructure becomes a thing of the past. IT Departments benefit from increased agility and productivity, while Vault’s unprecedented security measures set a new standard. Vault Cloud’s small, vetted supply chain and 100% Australian ownership ensure continuity even in wartime scenarios. As a specialist in Defence and National Security, Vault Cloud offers tailored, industry-leading solutions, making it a transformative partner for the Defence Supply Chain’s future.

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How government and critical infrastructure can eliminate identity conflict

Government and critical infrastructure are struggling to manage disparate identity processes and siloed physical and digital access systems in the face of rising cyber threats. Daltrey’s Michael Warnock says a universal biometric identity could be the solution. Sovereign capability is essential for secure identity The increase in serious cyberattacks on Australian organisations is a worrying…

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