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New Government Cloud region for NSW

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As many Customers and Partners may already be aware, in response to the sovereignty concerns raised earlier this year regarding the data centre location which was hosting our Sydney Government Cloud region, Vault Cloud made the decision to take action and coordinate moving the region into a new Sydney based data centre facility.  

Once live (scheduled for late September 2020), direct communication will be made with Customers and Partners leveraging the Sydney Government Cloud service.  

This new location will offer:

  • Continuity of service from the same platform
  • Consistency of Infrastructure and Services across both Canberra and Sydney regions
  • Continuity of security protocols between Sydney and Canberra 
  • Native high speed and redundant connectivity between Sydney and Canberra

If you have any queries regarding this change, please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager or raise a ticket with your queries. 

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